• Molecular Formula: ALCL3
    Molecular Weight: 133.34
    Properties: Yellow particles...

    Relative density:2.44(25℃)
    Apparent density:1.23...

  • Molecular Formula: NaClO
    Molecular Weight: 74.44
    CAS RN: 7681-52-9
    EINECS RN: 231-668-3

Sodium hypochlorite
product Name Sodium hypochlorite
CAS RN 7681-52-9
EINECS NO. 231-668-3
Molecular Structure
Molecular Formula NaClO
Molecular Weight 74.44
Properties General industrial is a colorless or pale yellow liquid. With a pungent odor.
Solubility soluble in water to generate hypochlorous acid and caustic soda.
Use Strong oxidant used as a bleaching agent, oxidant, and water purification agent for paper, textile, light industry, etc., with bleach, sterilization, disinfection effect
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