• Molecular Formula: ALCL3
    Molecular Weight: 133.34
    Properties: Yellow particles...

    Relative density:2.44(25℃)
    Apparent density:1.23...

  • Molecular Formula: NaClO
    Molecular Weight: 74.44
    CAS RN: 7681-52-9
    EINECS RN: 231-668-3

Aluminum chloride
Molecular formula ALCL3
Molecular weight 133.34
Properties Yellowish granules, yellow powder, relative density 2.44 (25 ℃), apparent density 1.23, melting point 190 ℃ (0.25Mpa), l temperature 177.8 ℃, soluble in water, ethanol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, ether. Slightly soluble in benzene, absorbent, easily deliquescence, exposed in the air easily absorb moisture and hydrolysis to produce hydrogen chloride, water and heat can cause an explosion occurred after, there is a strong corrosive.
Implementation of the new standard GB3959-94 Excellence for a product
Content 99.2%  98.5%
Product Usage Catalysts for organic synthesis, metal smelting, synthetic lubricants, food grade product is used as a leavening agent, clearing agent pectin sun anti-coagulant, such as discoloration, can be used for wastewater treatment.
Packaging and storage Packaging for PVC lining thickness of not less than 0.007mm, packed in plastic buckets, 50KG / barrel, according to user needs. (This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, pay attention to moisture during transport should be anti-rain and sun, not with alkali oxidant agent storage or shipment.)
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